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DME is experienced with developing and maintaining Microsoft Access Databases.  Let us create or maintain your client and/or information databases.

Key Benefits

bulletStore your businesses information in a versatile and flexible format
bulletDevelop a client contact information database to easily manage and retrieve client contact phone, fax, and email addresses and notes of topics discussed during your last meeting 
bulletDevelop a work order and client billing database to easily manage your work and cash flow


DME is experienced with Microsoft's Access database software.  DME has developed client contact information, work order and invoicing, and data/scientific databases.  Our experience in client management can utilize mail merge technology to "mass-mail" form letters, advertising or product information mail from your client database.  We are experienced with data storage and manipulation and can create easy data entry forms for your staff, efficient queries to sort and manipulate your data, and reports and charts to effectively present your data to clients.  Let DME help you organize and use your valuable data whether it is client contact information or scientific data.

Design and Create Databases
DME can design and create an Access database to suit your specific needs
Database Maintenance
DME can maintain your database by working with your vendors to receive and import electronic data, or working with your staff to maintain the database in-house
DME can train your staff to use and manipulate your database(s)

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