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Our Mission

DME (Dan Madsen Enterprises) was developed to provide small businesses and individuals with their Internet, database, and networking needs.  DME services include:

bulletThe development and maintenance of computer networks (LANs) for your home or office;
bulletDevelopment and maintenance of Microsoft Access databases; and,
bulletDevelopment and maintenance of Intranet and Internet web pages.  

DME concentrates on providing quality product in a timely and efficient manner!

Company Profile

DME has proven to be a company able to effectively serve our clientele.  With our expertise, DME can provide your firm with experienced and efficient networking, database, and Internet consulting services.

"Over 140 million people use the Internet today.  Today's businesses that utilize the Internet will increase their market share and provide better service to their clients.  All companies must be able to do business on the Internet in tomorrows - no, make that today's - business environment"  

- Dan Madsen, Owner

Contact Information

You can reach DME through the World Wide Web by sending an email to Dan Madsen.

Postal address
P.O. Box 20903, Oakland, CA 94620-0903
Electronic mail
General Information and Sales: Dan Madsen
Customer Support and Webmaster: Webmaster

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