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  Internet Services

In this competitive market today, all companies must become innovative in generating new clientele.  By having a presence on the Internet, your company can use this technology to market new clients or provide existing clients with new information.  Over 140 million people use the Internet!  These millions could view your company's information on-line and become new clients.  

Key Benefits

bulletProvide your existing clients with a fast and easy method of staying on top of your new products and services.
bulletAdvertise to the World Wide Web and generate new clientele
bulletProvide Internet ordering and product or technical information with a point and click


DME can assist your company by designing and developing an effective and "eye-catching" Internet web page.  Your new web page can provide marketing information about your company such as the latest products, unique skill sets provided by your technical staff, and pictures presenting your merchandise and company building(s).  Your new company web page can provide information about your new seminar schedule, contact information, and many other advertising tools.    

Web Site Construction and Maintenance
DME can design, re-design and maintain your companies web page as new information becomes important to present to your customers. 
Your Company Domain Name
DME can help you register a unique Domain Name such as ""
Web Hosting
DME can assist you in locating an Internet Host site and upload your new web page to the Host site.  Your new web page will be available to the entire Internet community - your new market share is out there waiting for you.  Let DME help you get on-line!

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