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Networking can allow your company to share files, printers, CD-ROMs and CD-RWs, and communication by installing a local area network (LAN).  Protect your valuable data and intellectual property through file access permissions and automatic tape backup. 

Key Benefits

bulletBecome more efficient
bulletBackup your data
bulletShare resources and lower operating costs


As your company grows and your number of employee's increase, you will need a way for your staff to share information and resources.  DME design and create your company's LAN.    DME can design, install, and configure your company's LAN to have one centrally located system where all of these resources can be utilized by all of your employees. 

Worried about loss of data?  DME can install the latest technology to allow only the accounting department access to accounting files.  DME can help you with all your business concerns regarding data protection and data control.

Share Resources
Using a LAN, your employee's can share files, CD-ROMs, ZipTM drives, and printers.  There is no need for each employee to have his or her own printer, CD-ROM or ZipTM drive.
Data Protection
DME can install tape backup hardware and software so that your valuable files will be "backed-up" each night.
Retrieve Data Remotely
Allow your employees to access files remotely through Remote Access Services.

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